3 Ways Business Owners Can Connect With the Community Around them In The Hospitality Industry

The great thing about hospitality businesses is that they contend nothing more than genuine compassion and connection. An ideal space for any community to come together and open up in a safe setting can pass as a safe space. But more often than not, owing to the widespread industrialization of everything, even an industry like hospitality and care has undergone serious dehumanising phases to become more detached and seamless. As a result, more and more people have started turning towards other care-centred alternatives. 

A business owner in the hospitality department can do several things to make the experience of the customers at their establishments better and more memorable. Different locations require a different type of look, food, and music to make the people feel at home and valued there. With themed sites and restaurants becoming a trend, knowing the kind of crowd you want to cater to is essential.

Look at the people around

There is always going to be a difference between locations. The main difference will be the people who come and frequent the establishment. There is an ongoing trend for community clubs and bars where people come together to watch a game or enjoy being among like-minded people. Clubs for different sports and games are prevalent worldwide, where people come together to eat good food, enjoy the themed decor, and watch the occasional game with similar fans.

Many locations have been made into book dens, comic book-themed cafes, and even TV-series-inspired restaurants to help people form communities and connect based on the things they love. A good hospitality business owner would research what makes the people around their location tick and make the locations around the theme which is the most popular among the people. By doing so, the locations will have an automatic fan base, and it will help the business connect with the local community.

Know the difference between demographics

Creating an in-demand-themed restaurant or club for a popular game or sport is pretty straightforward. Still, before investing all that money, one must look into the community to find out what it wants in a club or restaurant. It can be as simple as a bar, a diner, a storefront cafe, or a fine dining restaurant. If you had a sports bar in a previous location, it is not mandatory that a sports bar would be successful in the second location.

Trying different themes according to the community will help you connect better and make a successful decision regarding the place. Hospitality should always be about the customers and how you want to make them feel at your establishment.

It is all about the give and take

Just like in business, you give in the money to make something that, in turn, gives back. Similarly, in the service industry doing a hospitality business, you need to invest in the community around you. This doesn’t mean investing money into the community; it means investing time and respect. The love you will give to the people around you will pull them into your establishment and make them feel loved and valued there.

That is when your establishment will gain frequent clients, and with that connection, opportunities will knock on your door. Experts say, “The community shows hospitality to you when you open, and you show hospitality to the community by giving them a great experience. When locals visit our venues, we want them to feel at home.” The feeling of belonging and acceptance will make your hospitality business soar to new heights of success. The bottom line is that when you give respect, you will get it in return – which is all the more true for the hospitality industry. People will appreciate how you make them feel at your events and establishment, and they will become loyal customers. Catering HQ already has over 350 employees working in 40 different locations. Click here to learn more about our 26 different concepts and more.

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