Andrea Samantha Shares Her Outlook on Success and Achieving Goals

The recognition of being at the right place at the right time is vital for taking the next step forward. Andrea Samantha would also agree. As a private coach, she wants her trainees to understand that they are where they’re supposed to be and how there is a world full of endless possibilities lying ahead of them. However, the only thing holding them back is themselves, and that’s where Andrea wants to step in and guide them in the appropriate direction. 

Like any other individual, Andrea had plenty of dreams she wanted to accomplish when she first started her career as a hairstylist. Working at an Aveda salon and training new stylists on the floor, her interest in sales only grew further as she worked towards building her clientele. Seeing how things were looking up for her, she started her own wedding hair and makeup business. “Being a hairstylist, I was commission-based, so I’ve always had to be on my game to grow my clientele and be the base to maintain them. I’m a creative, so I’ve dabbled on Etsy and had my own wedding hair and makeup business before starting MONAT in direct sales.”

After joining MONAT global, she set an impressive benchmark for others to follow. Earning one million in commissions during her four years there, she managed to make it to the million-dollar club earners’ list in no time. Andrea soon entered the coaching business with a passion for helping young people become top sales performers. Using her social media to promote her brand and train her team of thousands, she’s been able to so far successfully establish several streams of income that free her from financial and time constraints. 

However, as it might seem otherwise, Andrea didn’t experience a smooth ride to success. Her rocky marriage stood as an obstacle in her way of accomplishing goals. It held her back to the point where she then decided to prioritize her well-being. Now divorced with two kids, Andrea has undoubtedly come a long way. She adds: “I have a business coach and therapist who have helped me overcome my traumas to work at my best level. I protect my energy, keep my circle small, and I’m very picky about who I surround myself with.”

Andrea’s secret behind her remarkable accomplishments is pretty straightforward: Setting meaningful goals and not giving up till she gets there. She believes it has strengthened her ability to maintain consistency and not shy away from conquering hurdles. 

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