Business Influencer, Content Creator & Podcast Host Jeremy Jenson Motivates People to Be Openly Honest to Live Fulfilling Lives

It’s easy to preach that honesty is the best policy. But as one grows up, the realization that honesty takes critical awareness and the courage to prioritize integrity over temporary gains makes being honest a real challenge. Especially in times where it’s common to see swindlers and fake socialites make news for trials of successful operations. When the truth can be punished and lies rewarded, Jeremy Jenson is determined to promote honesty as the right way to live.

His company Encore Search Partners is the largest privately held Executive Search firm in Houston, Texas – focused on recruiting Wealth Advisors, Attorneys, Engineers, and Corporate Executives, nationwide. Jeremy is the “GOAT” headhunter for his exceptional ability to delegate and elevate people. He has built his remarkable success by helping others succeed and plans to continue scaling his business to achieve the new goals.

His dating podcast “What Men Want” brings unfiltered insight from some of Houston’s most eligible bachelors. Jeremy encourages his guests to be brutally honest and share the spiciest details from their dating lives without any fear of judgment. Jeremy is a fierce advocate of authenticity through the multiple platforms at his disposal in a world where “faking it” is alarmingly becoming a norm.

Jeremy believes he has accomplished so much in life due to his honesty and integrity, and therefore his success earns him respect, love, and support rather than envy or jealousy. Already a leader in the recruitment business, Jeremy aspires to take his company to new heights rivaling the highrise culture depicted in Suits. He wants Encore Search Partners to be synonymous with Excellence, Success, and White Glove Service.

As a content creator with an impressive reach, Jeremy inspires people to develop the virtues that have helped him so far and make it easier to continue building upon his success. He believes his manner of operating has made him a reliable name in the business world, where his reputation precedes his presence. And in his creative aspirations, Jeremy constantly warns others of the perils of dishonesty in professional and personal lives.

The success Jeremy enjoys today while living a fulfilling life results from focus, discipline, and exceptional vision. A young, vulnerable, and inexperienced Jeremy had to make essential decisions to get where he is today—remaining focused on the bigger picture rather than temporary gains and illusory distractions.

Learning the value of being open and honest early on has helped him never to remain constrained in unhappy situations in his life. As a result, Jeremy constantly pushed himself to improve since growth is impossible without honesty. When people are dishonest, seek acceptance, and give up on their truth, they find it challenging to learn from those around them and stay stuck pretending rather than living a fulfilling life.

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