Doctor of Metaphysics – Dr. Amberleigh Carter Is Transforming Lives by Applying Complex Science with Simple Everyday Tools

Most people have not heard of metaphysics, much less understand its properties.  However, this science of the unseen can be broken down into practical concepts and implemented as steps to help improve one’s lifestyle.  Dr. Amberleigh Carter is a Doctor of Metaphysics and board-certified Alternative Medical Practitioner who believes in applying metaphysical concepts to change mundane routines. Her own experience and client success stories testify to the fact that this approach works.

Dr. Amberleigh started her career in the traditional field of scientific research, working as a Director and Exercise Physiologist for Alzheimer’s and Dementia research studies at an acclaimed research institute. Yet, the more she researched, the less truth she found.  Until one day, she discovered that the truth is relative.   Therefore, she dove into self-funded research by solo scientists looking at the fundamental building blocks of our physical world.  This led her to metaphysics.

She found that our physical bodies are made of waves of energy, just like color, sound, and even technologies like Wifi and Bluetooth. These energies often work beyond the known physical world, but create a very physical impact. Metaphysics deals with such energies that are invisible and intangible, yet potent. These energies affect our lives in more ways than we realize. Dr. Amberleigh gives the example of the emotion of love – we cannot use the five physical senses to perceive love, but we can feel its energy flowing through us and creating physical changes in our bodies.

Dr. Amberleigh helps clients identify their root beliefs that not only influence, but create, their physical bodies.  If your belief system creates how your physical body expresses health, then working from this level can produce profound effects.

Kinection Holistic Health, LLC is Dr. Amberleigh’s alternative health practice that is focused on providing clients with services, tools, and information to help them on their journey.  You can have a private consultation with Dr. Amberleigh, where she will help you with any health, relationship, or lifestyle issue– “to bring healing back to the basics,” she adds.
Learn more about her methodology and book your consultation by clicking here. You can also connect with her on Instagram and YouTube or listen to her podcast to learn more about her revolutionary work.

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