Meet Alexander Komaritsyn: A Talented Entrepreneur on the Rise

Whenever Alexander gets time off from work, he always opts to spend it in a manner that helps him self-actualize and reach for his goals. His business-oriented attitude has enhanced his capabilities that extend far beyond his qualifications. A talented multi-tasker, Alexander has quite a few impressive accomplishments to his credit. His experiences in event production and management of up to 13 years led him to create a digital space that reflects his unique approach of allowing users to connect to memorable experiences under one roof. Alexander’s journey to setting up his application can be stretched back to 2015. He and his partners initially launched the app under TopModeal, offering deals and discounts for signed models in New York, Hong Kong, and Paris. However, they quickly changed course to an event booking marketplace called ImageModel that promised more visible monetization. 

Based out of New York, ImageModel serves as an exclusive global event community Alexander had long envisaged. Seeking to provide a seamless space for brands to directly collaborate with talents and models for their traffic and marketing needs, ImageModel allows users to organize events at their fingertips by providing them with recommendations of popular venues and the ability to invite exceptional individuals. 

 With the booking industry evolving, Alexander deems talent social outreach an essential factor in warranting success. The core value of his company is driven around the very same notion.“I always wanted to use my IT expertise to bring simplicity and innovation in hospitality, and I am glad we could achieve a useful product with my team together. Having analytical thinking, I saw opportunities which can be simplified in the event and hospitality industry, where I spent over ten years.”

Apart from running a global digital application, Alexander is also the proud owner of his brand called NiBeat. A successful boutique company, NiBeat offers a range of services that include extending event planning, branding, talent booking and marketing strategies to their clients across the US. With a terrific track record of successful event involvement with leading brands such as Provocateur, TAO group, Butter Group, Goldbar, and so on, the company continues to reach new heights.

He also has a few pending goals lined up, which he hopes to achieve in the coming few years. These include tapping into scalable marketplaces that target other segments and expanding Imagemodel’s services across the globe.  

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