Olivia Nunn, a Speaker Who Addresses Urgent Issues – Military Transition, Trauma, Assault, and Mental Health

It is crucial to break the stigma attached to many vital issues like military transition, the roles it plays on service members’ mental health, and the hardships military personnel face in the form of assault and trauma during their serving period. Military veteran Olivia Nunn, who herself has faced all these tribulations, has taken the incentive to speak up and raise awareness.

After serving 20 years in the military forces of the United States of America and being subjected to assault, the dilemma of transitioning out, and the toll it takes on mental health altogether, Olivia is well-versed in ways to cope and heal. During her retirement, the primary obstacle she faced was the lack of resources that were willing to cater to the needs of those struggling with change. 

In order to create an impact, Olivia practiced speaking about the topics that disturbed her. She shared how difficult it is to detach yourself from something you are entirely devoted and attached to, that is, military life. She addresses the impact of the transitional process on a person, how they are left with a sense of identity loss and discusses her personal transitional journey in detail on an episode of ‘Carry On A Veteran Podcast’ and on ‘Next for Vetspodcast

Olivia also opens up about her experience with assault during her deployment and how   she was met with insufficient means to help process her grief. She also shares how this tragedy drove her to suicidal thoughts on an episode with Pivitol Moments Media and a podcast called Soldiers for Life. The trauma of the assault led her to question her competence as a female leader. She even faced severe behavioral changes in herself, which after years of reflection, she now understands was her unconscious protecting her mental health from deteriorating further.

However, she realized that many go through the same experiences, and it was time to bring a change! Her company, Olivia Nunn Communications, serves to narrate the stories of many who went through similar ordeals and help them find closure. Furthermore, after working extensively on creating an effective impact, Olivia also wants to serve the community as a speaker who could be booked to address topics of transition, trauma, and mental health, as she believes “it takes all of us to create positive change.

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