Three Elements That Investing Coach Vittorio Rigato Believes We Must Overcome to Gain Financial Freedom

One of the many reasons most people are apprehensive about investing is the fear of losing money. Another important aspect is the uncertainty surrounding the economy, which has recently become dodgy. Individuals such as Investing Coach Vittorio Rigato come through with their considerable skills and dependable portfolio of experience at such times.

Having traversed through his fair share of failures and bumps along the road, Vittorio has garnered sufficient experience to understand the technicalities that charge the investment sphere. A good investment entails more than just capital – it is about having patience and perseverance.

As such, these are the three obstacles that one must overcome to become a better investor and, in turn, gain financial freedom.

Lack of knowledge:

The society in which one lives can frequently provide a reasonable idea of financial freedom. It might range from investment prospects to what the majority desire and do. This comprehensive feature includes, most crucially, information about viable and solid investment options. Vittorio refers to this as ‘profitable information,’ and it can include anything that has the potential to become a lucrative investment opportunity, as well as social currency. It provides for greater possibility for growth, networking, and contacts to be leveraged.

Lack of strategy

While having cashable knowledge is a great starting point for a good investment, lacking a proper strategy is a sure way to lose money. A strategy is necessary to plan and brainstorm potential trajectories of each asset, considering all possible risks and outcomes. Additionally, having a strategy enables one to be more pragmatic and consider any idealistic projections that seem probable otherwise.

Lack of mindset

The most critical trait to cultivate to achieve financial freedom is the appropriate mindset. It manifests as “bulletproof confidence” in a confident and well-informed investor. Vittorio uses the term to underline the importance of feeling safe when investing money and making financial decisions based on your skills and thinking. Confidence, more often than not, empowers people more than wealth.

Following these three characteristics can considerably improve one’s standing among their peers. Vittorio firmly believes that any investor with profitable information, a compounding plan, and unwavering conviction can invest successfully and generate a monthly passive income of up to $4,000 over time.

You can check out more about Vittorio Rigato’s approach to finance and investment through his website or his official Twitter and Instagram accounts.

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