Visionary Marketing Leader Namita Tiwari on her concept of “Elevate Marketing”

With my twenty years of experience in marketing, I have consistently observed the importance of emotions, experience to engage with consumers and customers as the fulcrum of all marketing plans, strategies and tactics.

In this article, I will introduce my concept of “Elevate Marketing”

“Elevate Marketing” is an effort to maximize your impact of marketing efforts on the 3 key pillars of Emotion, Experience & Engagement.

Talking of importance of Emotions —

Emotional connection plays an influential role in the choices consumers make. Many times companies delivering outstanding products fail to market it well, because their marketing strategy never emotionally engages their target customers.

Emotional triggers inspire a potential customer to notice and remember your marketing campaign if you do it right.

It is scientifically proven, functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) shows that when evaluating brands, consumers get easily connected with emotions & feelings, far more than brand attributes, features and facts.Hence it’s prudent for brands to fuel the right feelings and make an impactful emotional impression to attract attention to the offering.

Also brands should be aware that it’s not always happiness as the key emotion.Inspired emotions can be sad, fear/surprise and disgust/anger, depending on the product, which will accordingly give the direction for broad marketing strategy. Storytelling can be an indispensable tool here, making the offer compelling and easy to share. A good story can appeal and ignite the emotions you may need to get your desired outcome. Read this article, to know more about my thoughts on storytelling.

Experience is the key to customer retention and acquisition

We all know the importance of CX in the journey of customers with the brand. Customer experience is a holistic view created by all the interactions that a customer has with a brand over the life of the relationship with the organization. It covers every interaction, no matter how brief and even if it does not result in a purchase.

Whether it is a call to a contact center, an ad display or even something as simple as the payment of a bill, every touchpoint between customers and brands builds (or damages) the relationship. Finally, it’s how customers view those experiences in aggregate that matters.

Many companies are aware that customer experience is their best chance to stand out from competitors. If a good product and competitive pricing are no longer enough to produce loyalty, then a personalized positive experience will have to be the differentiator.

Engagement with meaningful interactions across all channels

Engagement is the outcome of effective marketing strategy, primarily sought from content & experience to engage people, and creation of meaningful interactions over time leading to customer commitment.

Engagement involves an omni-channel presence with  adequate planning, implementation & optimization. The result is an engaged customer with emotional connection with your brand. As a result, they may buy more, promote your brand to others and demonstrate loyalty.

As marketers, we should always strive for achieving better engagement in a plethora of ways, by refining a superior customer experience, using conversational marketing, valuing retention, personalizing your service, and genuinely engaging customers with meaningful messaging.

To conclude, with my concept of “Elevate Marketing”, I want to highlight how emotions, experience and engagement can be 3 power levers to push forward the results and ROI on marketing campaigns and be the greatest base for the creation of marketing campaigns.

I have brought out the 3Es ~ Emotion, Experience & Engagement well in my TEDx Talk on Marketing in Metaverse, click here to watch it.

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