Byron Rodgers On Training Veterans and Civilians to Step into the Executive Protection Industry

In today’s age and time, where violence and crime are rampant, executive protection services have become extremely vital to ensure the safety of the people and environment overall. However, becoming an expert executive protection agent requires advanced skills and thorough training. Thanks to protection specialist Byron Rodgers, veterans, civilians, and prior-law enforcement officers can step into the world of private security, launching profitable careers.

Rodgers’ involvement in the military, where he served as a squad leader in Iraq, paved his way to becoming a protection agent. He started off by working for private security companies and worked his way up in the executive protection field, gaining experience all over the USA, operating in over 60 countries, and working with every client demographic in the private sector. Currently, Rodgers is the founder of multiple enterprises centering around the protection field. He is the chief executive officer at Bravo Research Group, a private security company, and the founder of Protector Nation, an online community for protectors everywhere. In addition, he also runs an executive protection training school, the League of Executive Protection Specialists.

The training school offers four programs, from beginner to advanced levels. The Level 1 EP Training Day is for beginners and intermediates with 12 modules and 20+ hours of training, and the Level 2 EP Masters Class is for intermediates and experts with 12 modules and 25+ hours of training. Then there is the Level 3 8-Day Hard Skills Intensive Program with 90 hours of training at the League’s hard skills compound. Level 4, the 6-Dat EP Immersion Course, uses experiential learning and the job in field scenario-based training to revolutionize how agents learn to do executive protection first-hand. Lastly, Rodgers offers a comprehensive 3-Day Protective Driving Program, which provides the highest level of protective driving training available to civilians, complete with contact driving, ramming roadblocks for escaping an ambush, and rolled vehicle training.

All the programs at the League of Executive Protection Specialists include lifetime access to the content, and upon completion of programs, every student is provided official certification, which helps them with their job hunt in the future. Moreover, Rodgers gives private group coaching calls explaining everything one needs to know to excel in executive protection.

Everyone who trains with Rodgers is fully satisfied with the results and most agents end up working with top private security firms worldwide. 

“The best part about being a part of the Executive Protection Training Day Program is the constant support from Byron Rodgers,” says a student.

“The League’s program has offered some great information and insights into the world of Executive Protection. Byron and his team are truly consummate professionals and mentors,” another student shares.

Rodgers’ training programs are open to all, but he strives to help veterans the most through his training courses. He understands how hard it can be to transition back to civilian life after the military and wants to assist veterans in finding their place in the executive protection industry.

If you wish to be a part of the private security industry, learn relevant skills at The League of Executive Protection Specialists and become an A-list protector.

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