The Founder of Becker Logistics, Jim Becker, Takes Us on a Trip Down Memory Lane

The life of Jim Becker, a successful entrepreneur and CEO of Becker Logistics, reminds us all that success is a journey, not a destination. When Jim decided to kick start his business, the prospects of success seemed grim. There were too many hurdles along the way, and at one point, he was consumed by the fear of uncertainty. However, it wasn’t long before Jim rose like a phoenix from the ashes. After relinquishing his defeatist mindset, Jim worked towards building his business empire.

Jim’s disposition does not allow him to succumb to any hardships in life. Being an avid runner, he participates in a cross-country 5k/half marathon each year. During one such event, Jim was having a hard time competing. “I could barely hold myself up, let alone get one foot in front of me to keep going,” stated Jim. Nonetheless, he pushed himself and made it to the finish line. He believes such setbacks teach you lessons that help you become stronger and prevent you from making similar mistakes in the future.

Unlike many other business owners, Jim uses these lessons to teach and upskill emerging entrepreneurs. Being a natural-born leader, he is always looking for ways to guide people. In his own words, “I am a leader that expresses leadership as my natural self-expression,” says Jim.

In acknowledgment of his efforts, Jim has been appointed as one of the board of directors at Astrotech, a publicly held company on the NASDAQ and serves as a Chairman of the Membership Committee for the Transportation Intermediaries Association.

Becker believes that with grace and mercy, anything is possible. His sanguine nature encourages him to do what is best for him and those around him. Other than setting up long-term plans for his company, Jim has set up some personal goals that he wishes to accomplish.

“I am living Christlike and exercising Being a disciple of Jesus Christ. I gave up alcohol in April of 2022 and still have not drank. Not that I had a problem, alcohol was a distraction from knowing our bodies already provide all that they need. I became a 5 handicap in golf when I put my attention toward that. To workout an hour a day and to meditate resets my body to be able to handle anything. Another goal is to not judge anyone or anything at any time. To be the best leader I know and a listening for everyone and everything,” stated Jim.

This mindset has allowed Jim to assist Becker Logistics in achieving new milestones. While staying true to his core company values, including mindfulness, integrity, honesty, and respect, Jim has succeeded in building a multi-million dollar business empire, and acquiring two companies, one in November of 2017 and one in December of 2021. Jim is now on his way to raising capital for the next leg of growth and that should be fulfilled by the end of 2023. 

To find out more about Becker Logistics, click on the following link.

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