Meet Jadejha Edwards – Cyber Security Engineer and World Traveler

We often see people excelling in their fields and working hard to achieve their goals. Similarly, when we talk about Jadejha Edwards, her life is a perfect blend of success and hard work. Aside from being an acclaimed cybersecurity engineer, Jadejha is a successful influencer, content creator, and an inspiring adventurous traveler.

As a teenager, Jadejha had to endure a very traumatic childhood. She has demonstrated resilience by persevering and remaining strong in the face of adversity. She rose above all hardships in life, including unstable family dynamics, finding her path and niche in the corporate world.

Despite all these struggles, her life changed when she joined “Starting Right, Now” (SRN) – a non-profit organization sheltering homeless teens and improving their life skills. This program allowed Jadejha to break away from past traumatic experiences and excel in life and helped her to overcome the odds. As a result, she ended up at the University of South Florida (USF) and is now a well-known cybersecurity engineer working out of Houston, Texas. 

Currently employed at a firm as a security engineer, Jadejha feels highly motivated to help people and has initiated mentorship programs within the tech field. Founder of the tech company ‘Joned,’ she encourages young individuals to break into tech and learn practical skills like python, Linux, project management, technical terms, SIEMs, and other cyber-related software. With her exceptional skills and challenging nature, she has made a name for herself in the corporate world.

Moving into and taking over the influencer and content creator space, she is educating people on different topics such as travel, adventure, lifestyle, and fitness. Her social media platform provides her audience with entertaining content while tapping into issues usually sidelined. Using her voice as an influencer, Jadejha has spoken out about inspiring people and giving them advice. Being the member and founder of the Facebook group ‘Ladies First,’ she provides an exclusive space for higher caliber women to grow their physical appearance, mindset, finances, and overall lifestyle.

In addition, she is a travel enthusiast who enjoys taking risks and discovering new things. Showing the world how to monetize from travel, she partnered with a travel company, “Melanin on the Map,” to create travel content and connect with people worldwide.

Furthermore, Jadejha is a well-known public speaker who devotes a significant portion of her time to assisting all people who want to break into technology. Thus, her progress is not restricted to tech, travel, and adventure; instead, it is about aspiring individuals, listening to them, comprehending their difficulties, and aiding them in their pursuit to lead a better life.

Connecting and helping people by bringing a positive change in their lives is something the influencer cum tech expert thoroughly enjoys. She is a true inspiration to many people who admire her dedication to technology and helping others. Through hard work, she has won the hearts of many people and will undoubtedly continue to do so in the future.

To learn more about Edwards’s fitness, lifestyle, accomplishments in cyber security, and travel adventures, follow her on Instagram @itsjadejha.

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