Zach Ruhl on Raising a Family While Traveling the World with His Wife, Julie

Traveling is fuel for the soul – it is not about vacationing in a foreign land; it is a lifestyle. Zach and Julie Ruhl thrive on traveling. They have consciously chosen this lifestyle and love every aspect of it. In 2018, they set out to be nomads in love and haven’t looked back since then. One other thing they wanted to experience as a couple was the joy of parenthood. Time and again, they have been told that you can either be a globe -trotter or a parent, but the rules didn’t apply to Zach and Julie as they didn’t let the misconception fester and stepped out of their comfort zones to explore the unknown.

Traveling has been a significant element in Zach and Julie’s relationship; they took their first trip early while they were dating, and after visiting numerous places together, they decided to build a life together, getting engaged at Plitvice Lakes in Croatia. Eventually, down the line, they planned on starting a family. Discrediting the narrative that you can’t travel with kids, Zach and Julie are traveling all over the world today with their two-year-old daughter, Indie, raising her on the road. 

Because of the significance of traveling in the Ruhl’s life, they were adamant about instilling it in Indie’s life early on. When she was just two weeks old, they applied for her passport, and at six weeks, she was gearing up for her first cross-country road trip in the US. As of today, little Indie has been to numerous US states, nine countries, and three continents. 

While making the most of their lives, Zach and Julie aim to inspire other parents and families and show them that traveling and raising a family can co-exist. “Many people think that traveling with kids cannot be done whether it be due to financials, time, resources, or they simply don’t think it would be enjoyable,” states Zach. “We are trying to debunk these myths by traveling at a slow place and on a budget. We are proof you don’t need to choose family versus travel; you can have both.”

Zach and Julie regularly share their adventures on their blog, the Ruhls of the Road, and have attracted quite a following. In addition, they also create content for their audience on Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest, so check it out and see their beautiful family living their dream. 

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