Jack of Many Trades – Matt Jacob’s Non-traditional Professional Path Is a Treat for Aspiring Individuals

Many of us choose to follow the traditional career path. We strive to earn a top-notch degree, secure a job in our field of interest, and stick with it for the rest of our lives. While there’s nothing wrong with this approach, it’s worth noting that branching out and exploring unconventional career paths can significantly enhance our portfolio and skill set. It’s an opportunity to discover and pursue our various passions and interests in a professional capacity. Matt Jacob’s diverse and versatile portfolio is a perfect example of someone who has successfully navigated multiple careers.

Matt is a true jack-of-all-trades. He has pursued a variety of vocations, from soaring through the skies as a pilot to capturing the raw human experience through the lens of his camera.

Growing up in the United Kingdom, Matt was a curious and diligent child with a wide range of interests. He had a fascination with travel and airplanes, and dreamed of becoming a pilot. He also enjoyed playing music, playing sport and taking pictures of the people and places around him with disposable cameras at the time.

Despite his many hobbies and aspirations, Matt was also pragmatic and practical. He left home at 18 to travel and then pursue a degree in Business and Economics at Newcastle University as a backup plan in case his dream of becoming a pilot didn’t pan out. To support himself throughout college and beyond, he worked a variety, and often combination, of odd jobs.

After graduating, he worked even harder to make his dream of becoming a pilot a reality. He landed a sponsorship with a cargo airline, which proved to be the silver lining he had been waiting for. Although the beginning years were an extremely tough apprenticeship, Matt persevered through the challenges and eventually commenced pilot training. He spent several years in training then another handful flying cargo planes throughout Europe before landing his dream pilot job with a private jet operator. This opportunity allowed him to travel to exotic places and experience different cultural lifestyles, fueling his passion for photography and travel.

While working as a pilot, Matt co-founded a high-end gym chain in Hong Kong. The business quickly expanded to multiple locations until COVID-19 and the city’s strict border control and restrictions – for the best part of 2 years people weren’t allowed to use gyms – meant that survivability quickly became the priority. Matt directed the company through the ups and downs before deciding to exit and focus more on chasing another dream of being a photographic artist.

This presented an opportunity for Matt to turn his photography hobby into a professional pursuit. He continued to travel again and increase the amount of photography trips he would do, honing his signature style of capturing the raw human experience through dramatic portraits and projects focused on cohorts from remote tribes to modern-day cowboys.

Matt’s portfolio is an inspiration for anyone seeking to balance their various passions and hobbies while pursuing a successful career. By embracing unconventional career paths and pursuing diverse interests, it’s possible to build a portfolio that stands out and makes a positive impact. Have a look at his projects by clicking here. You can view his extraordinary work by viewing his website and following him on Instagram (links to other social platforms are on there too).

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