How Chuong Charlie Pham’s E-commerce Business Went from $0 Sales to $16 Million

Our profound yet minuscule existence on this planet lasts for a short time. In this short span, full of intensity, every individual experiences different things – the highs of success and tough times of defeat. One name that comes to mind when mentioning those who made their way through the lows and highs is the inspiring and persistent Chuong Charlie Pham. 

Charlie belongs to a Vietnamese immigrant family who moved to the USA when Charlie was six years old. Life was difficult for the Pham family as they adjusted to their new surroundings in Baton Rouge, LA. The family had continuous financial struggles, so Charlie had to work from an early age. He did all sorts of work through middle school, high school, and college. 

In college, things took a turn for Charlie when he started selling mobile phone accessories online with a friend. Both of them were new to e-commerce, so there were a few struggles along the way. They fully committed to the business and self-taught themselves everything from managing accounts to setting up a website to editing, hiring employees, and other numerous skills required to run a business efficiently. 

The company did not do great in the first year, and the sales were meager. Nevertheless, they stuck to the business and worked harder. Slowly but surely, the sales went up to the point they were bringing in $500,000 per month. Eventually, they moved the business to Dallas, TX, from where the company only kept growing. Charlie and his partner then expanded the business to the USA, South America, and Europe. 

By 2016, the company was prospering and was worth $16M in sales. However, Charlie decided to part ways with the multi-millionaire enterprise to explore more paths. 

Charlie, a poor boy who was failing at life in his early twenties, never expected to gain success, become a millionaire, and travel the world. He was able to take care of his parents, who did not believe in his ventures at first. His family wanted him to continue school, but Charlie had already hated school and thus decided to go against everyone’s wishes, co-founding an e-commerce company. 

If it was not for the sheer commitment of Charlie and his partner, the company might not have had the same outcome. But as they had nothing to lose, they gave their best. This one decision to invest all their resources changed their lives forever and for the better. 

Now, Charlie is an E-commerce expert who invests in potential startups and mentors others who wish to build their dream companies. He also aims to inspire and motivate people through his life story via his social media network, including Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok

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