Resilient Joshua Jones Shares the Benefits of Being an E-designer

Like all things in existence, the interior designing industry has turned to the virtual platform by introducing E-design. Though it is not a new concept, many people are still not familiar with this form of interior design. This is where Joshua Jones comes in. He is the resident E-designer expert who has experience of approximately 8 years in this industry.

When Joshua started his E-design firm, JJones Design Co, E-design was relatively new. But with time, he succeeded in educating his new and potential clients about how E-design can benefit them over traditional in-person design services.

E-designers are only as good as the creativity and authenticity they bring to the table. This works in Joshua’s favor as he has an entirely distinctive and refreshing style, which he has shared with his clients in the form of 500 E-design that he has executed during his career as an E-designer.

Joshua is grateful that he has been able to merge his passion and his career together in the form of e-design. This field has enabled him to work with clients nationwide and internationally. He currently has a diverse clientele all over the U.S and Canada.

The ability to work without geographical limitations is one of the main benefits of e-design, in Joshua’s opinion. He takes great pleasure in knowing that people outside of his hometown, Seattle, love his work and resonate with his style and are able to take advantage of his services.

It’s been a source of pride for the accomplished e-designer to not only have a successful E-design firm but also be acknowledged for his work by well-renowned and established publications. Joshua has been featured in House Beautiful magazine, Business of Home, CNN, Apartment Therapy, Hunker, MyDomaine, and Strategist.

Success doesn’t come easy to anyone; the sheer existence of JJones Design Co is proof enough of Joshua’s. But it doesn’t stop here; he has bigger up-and-coming opportunities with a feature in an award winning author’s book to be published in 2022. Joshua has never given in to his fate and has always managed to come out on the other side, winning. With the help of his hard work and dedication, he has proven that you can do anything you set your mind to, regardless of any plight that you may face.

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