Conquering the Challenges and Coming Out Invincible with His Knowledge: Arjun Dhingra

As you walk through life, you come across countless challenges and hurdles that stop you from achieving all that you want to achieve. Believing that life doesn’t come with ups and downs, highs and lows are almost equivalent to living in a fool’s paradise.

Arjun Dhingra is a successful TaeKwonDo champion, national coach, and entrepreneur. His mortgage expertise of over twenty years has helped him to establish him as the best mortgage advisor in San Francisco and adjoining areas of the West Coast. But the question that arises is how he manages to lead two successful and seemingly different careers so flawlessly?

The answers are simple as Arjun shares the wisdom with his thousands of followers that has kept him afloat at times of distress. 

Don’t Be Plagued By “What If’s.”

The cost of waiting, being indecisive, and taking a long time to plan your attack is deemed to be a failure. Arjun tells his clients to never wait to “buy, ask, start, invest and hire or fire”. Taking longer than required time on these things is costly. And he says, “The cost, as a baseline, is TIME, which we can’t get back. Then comes a realized loss from not taking action – did that investment pan out, is that house more expensive, where would I be if I had just started.

If It Is To Be, It Is Up To Me

Arjun has been stuck to this mindset since the beginning of his career. He entered into the mortgage business while still in college but had prior experience of running his TaeKwonDo coaching business. He firmly believes that if you wish for something to happen, you must move ahead for it. You must make the first move and go out of your way to reach out to it and grab it. There is no perfect timing nor is there any set of rules. He advises his clients and followers to take action and get out of debts, invest in whatever suits them, get in shape, initiate a business, end the relationship that drains you without any excuses. 

Hard Work Beats Talent

This rings true in all areas of life. Arjun himself never considered himself to be highly talented but he understood the value of struggle and hard work, and the potential it had to help him soar high. His rigorous and exhausting training days taught him how each spine-breaking lesson took him a step closer to his goal. To succeed in life, game, business, or work, talent may provide you a direction but hard work is what sets you apart and enables you to reach astounding heights of success. 
For more wisdom and valuable insights, check out Arjun Dhingra’s Instagram page.

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