Set A Clear Goal and Keep it Simple – Says ‘Momentum Challenge’ Mentor John Holowaty

Having goals in life is important. They keep you motivated to move forward and gain something. However, most people struggle to achieve them. They are constantly stuck in a loop of setting goals without any results, which lowers their self-esteem. The ‘Momentum Challenge’ invites individuals worldwide on a journey of self-reflection and personal development. The program’s creator, John Holowaty, is a mentor who helps individuals remain focused on their goals. 

John introduces a simple pathway to success and accomplishment of life goals. His mentorship program brings a unique approach to catering to every business challenge. Once you register for the ‘Momentum Challenge,’ you will receive weekly motivational emails, mentorship sessions from John, and a free 100-day NO’s challenge worksheet. 

As a striving fitness entrepreneur, John faced many ups and downs to become who he is today. Most people look up to success but don’t see the hard work and dedication put behind it. John never shied away from asking for help; he believes that asking for help allows us to surround ourselves with people who can facilitate our personal and professional development.

Before becoming a successful leader at Juice Plus, John also struggled to survive in the competitive business market. He had no educational background in business; only some client-dealing skills were picked up from his personal trainer job. John never dreamt of becoming an entrepreneur, but the spirit was there, and it came alive when he discovered network marketing in 2009. John recognized his passion for it and decided to pursue it as a second source of income. 

The networking marketing industry was new, but it suited him. John began his career with only 50 dollars, which later profited him as he generated a 7-figure income. Surviving in a competitive market means you have to keep trying and applying new approaches until you get good results. John adopted this formula by setting goals on a 90-day basis. He would set one goal and work on it for 90 days, then another and another, until he saw practical results.

John had a blueprint for success which worked wonders for his business model. It was quite easy: divide your big goals into small goals, work on one goal at a time, have a clear vision, and keep it simple.

In his book, The Success Journal, John shares how he viewed things simply that contributed to his business’ success. The ‘Momentum Challenge’ also follows the same blueprint to keep members motivated and focused on their goals. It has proven to be practical for many business owners. John found a business model and support that changed his life, and he shares it in his book Between Fear and Fortune elaborating the truth about network marketing and living life on your own terms.

As a mentor, John sees many people tangled in informalities and useless steps. This can complicate their goals, so they eventually give up. Through this program, he teaches the art of setting clear goals and consistency, making it easier to achieve goals on time.

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