4 Tips by Content Creator Eric Castellano to become a Perfect Coach

Coaching is one of the most popular professions around the world. Coaches are important people because they play the role of educating beginners about a certain field. Eric Castellano is a coach who educates people about life and business.

Eric is the CEO of AmazonLit, a consulting agency for new and existing entrepreneurs and businessmen. Eric coaches people about various aspects of the Amazon business as he has 8 years of experience in the field. He is also an Instagram influencer and YouTube content creator, where he promotes his coaching lessons in detail. 

Eric has mentored 2,000 students about the Amazon business with $350 million in product sales of his own business. He is well-known for his optimistic personality and analytical skills that contribute to the success of his company. Using his experience to inspire new business owners, AmazonLit is his private coaching practice where he educates many clients. 

Eric has been a coach for a long time. For people who want to pursue their career as a coach, here are some tips from Eric:

1. Be Organized

As a coach, you always have to be well-organized in terms of your approach. There are tons of people with many years of experience but what makes a coach stand out is their ability to be organized in educating and mentoring their clients.

Eric says coaches need to be organized in their approach because the aim of a coach should be to make everything clear for their clients.

2. Bring out Potential

A good coach is one who brings out the potential in their client. Instead of advising only based on their experience, they have to help clients in brainstorming and critical thinking skills to figure out their way. 

Eric believes a coach has to be someone who knows how to pick out strengths and use them to benefit their client. 

3. Give Perspective

A coach should know that they play the role of giving out their point based on life experiences. A good coach should always give their perspective and pick out any blind spots that they notice. 

By giving perspectives, the client is able to think about their ideas and approaches; critically, this is the sign of a perfect coach. 

4. Encourage people

Coaches are the driving force for confidence in taking risks in business. Clients need someone professional who can encourage them with positive words. A perfect coach is one who is optimistic and has the capability to use positive words for their clients.

Eric is of the opinion that coaches have enough experience to know the wrong and right in their field. If they have the confidence to help clients, they will never degrade their clients. A good coach should point out mistakes in an encouraging way to boost their self-esteem.

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