Influencer Dr. Ketam Hamdan Is Inspiring People Using Brain Science and Wisdom to Become a Better Version of Themselves

There is no miraculous shortcut to achieving a better version of yourself. The fact is, it requires identifying your messy parts, picking them up, and sorting them out before you get onto the wellness journey. It all begins from self-awareness and getting to know the deepest, darkest corners of your soul. And who can guide you in the process better than Dr. Ketam Hamdan?

Dr. Hamdan, a Harvard and Columbia school graduate, says she is a student for life and has spent the past few years learning how to do professional brain scans, also known as electroencephalogram (EEG), which is a test that measures electrical activity in the brain and can help one better understand their mental health issues.

“Psychiatry and psychology do not use the organ that they are meant to treat, which is the brain. That’s why I became passionate about learning how to do brain assessments, using EEGs. Otherwise we are just shooting arrows in the dark and not really knowing what we are treating. Thanks to the advances of neuroscience, we can have more solid scientific brain insight into what is happening in someone’s brain and find out more specifically what is hindering them from living a happier and more fulfilling life.”

Neuroscientists have shown the benefit of using EEG as a tool that can display the brain’s inner workings and help professionals gain a different understanding of someone’s issues.

“For example, after the initial consultation and performing a psychological assessment, you may have concluded that you should work to improve someone’s  depression and’ attention. However, during the EEG brain health assessment, you may realize that a client’s brain also shows signs of trauma impact. This important finding would change the treatment plan. For instance, many people who have experienced trauma either don’t remember details of the events or may find it too overwhelming to recall the experience and talk about it. They may not be psychologically prepared for talk therapy. So different interventions need to be used, which results in a different treatment plan.”

Aside from a prestigious client list, she continuously gives mental health presentations on various topics and leads development workshops. Dr. Hamdan does not see educating and helping people as a profession; she sees it as her life’s passion. Adding to her areas of expertise, she has also started creating easy-to-digest psychological content on Instagram with the sole aim of educating and raising awareness on matters about mental health.

She is responsible for bringing mental health topics like domestic violence, negative human behaviors, and brain science on social media, enlightening the masses of the existing problem, and proposing solutions. She discusses the cultural reasons for the mental health problems, challenging followers to change and lead better lives.

Dr. Hamdan has a wealth of knowledge about mental health, neuroscience, and spirituality. Through her speaking engagements and creative content, she is enlightening people about teaching the essentials of inner work that takes us a step ahead in healing and conquering our fears. Dr. Hamdan believes that total well-being integrates brain science, psychology and spirituality as humans are wired for meaning-making and function best when driven as a whole person.

Her unique openness, striking confidence, and ability to take multiple complex subjects or topics (such as business, leadership, brain science, psychology, religion, and eastern wisdom) and integrate them into something meaningful have set her apart from other mental health influencers. She is known to articulate complex subjects in a simple manner while inspiring others to grow.

Dr. Hamdan is a captivating speaker and regularly engages with the audience to distribute science-based mental health information aiding them in becoming a better version of themselves. 

Dr. Hamdan’s efforts to drive mental health awareness must be appreciated as a true leader. She is helping thousands of people live fulfilling lives and guiding them through the necessary inner work for deep healing.

You can view her awesome content here at @brainhealthdoc.

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