A Camera-Shy Guy Before, a Life-Changing Speaker Now – Here’s All You Need to Know About Rahul Maharaj

Time flies. It really does. And when you think of something that happened in the past and look at it now, you’ll gasp at the pace events happen, and how much things and people change. When we see Rahul Maharaj today holding big sessions on mental health with a mass viewership, and that too with sheer confidence, it is hard to believe this guy was camera-shy just four years back. 

It was back in 2018 when Rahul, having proved his mettle in multiple industries, decided to start a show named “Your Life Experiences With Rah.” As someone who wasn’t fond of being in front of the camera, he found it to be quite an uncomfortable experience. 

“I know everything exactly how and under what circumstances I had started the show,” says Rahul. “I had very second-class video and audio equipment. But it wasn’t the only worst thing. I lacked videography skills as well. Not to mention, it would send ripples down my spine when I had the camera on me. Yes, I was a camera-shy guy at the time!” Rahul reveals. 

His predicaments didn’t end then and there. Initially, during sessions and live transmissions, Rahul would often lose focus and entangle himself in the constantly swelling comments section. As a result, he would get off-topic and struggle to find his way back. So, all in all, it wasn’t an ideal experience.

But however embarrassing things turned out to be at the outset, Rahul was adamant about making his show work because deep inside, he knew it was for the greater good and many people needed it. It wasn’t an easy job to do; especially knowing how social media platforms can be ruthless and are replete with bullies who look for opportunities to mock you. He had to face the same, yet he stood resolute as ever.

“There came many situations where I just felt like falling off the cliff and decided this is it, I cannot pursue this any longer. But then I would see inward and realize there’s a story brewing inside me that’s constantly pulsating and that cannot remain untold any longer. I was a victim of abuse and bullying and I had risen to be a successful person in the face of all these adversities – that’s what kept me fixated on the show, and I’m happy that I did it!” shared Rahul. 

Gradually, he defeated his camera shyness and emerged as a noteworthy speaker on mental health. With his soulful and stirring meditation sessions, Rahul was able to help hundreds of people find meaning and purpose in their lives. 

Rahul didn’t use his weakness as an excuse to stop chasing his dream. Instead, he worked on it and made it his formidable strength that earned him the name he is known for today. So… mind if we ask, what’s your excuse?    

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