A Visionary Seeking Opportunities – Alternative Investment Expert Chris Martin Shares His Future Goals

An individual’s drive to succeed, willingness to work, and capacity to learn from mistakes determine a person’s course in life. We all make choices in life; what we make of those choices makes a difference. Someone with defined goals and plans is likely to become victorious. A capacity to dream big and take appropriate risks can describe the degree of success. If not imperative, it is beneficial to test new waters, explore potential opportunities, and usher in new eras of development. An entrepreneur at heart and CEO of GlenMartin Investments, Chris Martin never shies away from an opportunity that offers measured risk. With this visionary approach, he is determined to take steps toward becoming an exceptional alternative investment expert.

Treading upon a new terrain, one of Martin’s latest investments at GlenMartin is luxury real estate investments. Spending 25 years in telecommunication infrastructure, he kick-started his career in 2010 by developing his company, BlueBird Network, and later selling it for a profitable price. Luxury real estate and hospitality homes offer many advantages over traditional hospitality properties. Generally, visitors seek a higher class of stay that offers high security, privacy, cleanliness, and catered dining. As the asset manager GlenMartin seeks to invest in stable assets that generate rental income. GlenMartin founded Ketsali Development on this strategy to create this class of hospitality assets.

What sets Ketsali apart from its competitors is its policy to never compromise on quality. In fact, quality is one of the pillars of this program. Quality must be balanced with the cost. Sustainable inputs support the asset as we balance the duration of utilization with cost to generate investment-class assets that endure long after the purchase.

Martin knows all too well the total cost of ownership is the accurate barometer of value creation and is determined to make the company’s future one built on this standard. That’s why he strives to maintain a high standard by providing value-driven designs well-analyzed for a total cost of ownership. We are putting an enormous amount of attention on building information modeling strategies that are integrated with data. You can only optimize and improve with better information.        

To offer top-notch services to people, Martin is really focusing on building a world-class investment management team. A team defines an organization’s success, and a great team can always beat a poor strategy. The GlenMartin team is excited to call Dallas, Texas, Design District their home. This vibrant neighborhood has so much to offer and is youthfully vibrant. They are eager to grow their team around a cultural environment open to new ideas and creative thought.

Martin dreams big for the future and wants GlenMartin and their development group Ketsali to flourish. At the same time, he secures significant achievements under his belt as a capital funds manager. Undoubtedly, he has the skills and expertise, so it’s natural for him to adeptly manage equity investors’ funds and create excellent investment strategies for them.

The end goal for Martin is to see GlenMartin become a world-class investment and asset management private equity group with a series of investment strategies.     

If you wish to connect with Chris Martin, you can contact his LinkedIn or visit the GlenMartin website.

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