Eric Torigian, The Man behind CHRO Solutions, Empowers Individuals to Live Their Best Life

An increasing body of research shows that work and employment are not only drivers of people’s happiness but that happiness can itself help to shape job market outcomes, productivity, and even firm performance. Being happy at work isn’t just a personal matter; it’s also an economic one.

Although the majority focus on the role of work and employment in shaping people’s happiness, it is worth noting that the relationship between happiness and employment is a complex and dynamic interaction that runs in both directions.      

Human resource influencer and leader Eric Torigian believes empowerment is the process of becoming more confident and prepared to make crucial decisions and complete tasks. Throughout his career, he has had various opportunities to empower himself and other professionals in the workplace. Eric believes that learning about empowerment and exploring how to empower yourself and others can help people become more motivated to succeed in their position.

After bidding farewell to his corporate journey in January 2022, Eric began working on his purpose, transforming the HR world and establishing CHRO Solutions. Through his passion project, he aims to change how people use HR departments and make businesses function better. He devised a plan by which businesses can hire fractional HR services from CHRO Solutions and easily find state-of-the-art HR departments for their businesses. 

Apart from helping business owners, he is determined to help people. He has founded Career Coaching, where he trains and helps people find appropriate employment and kick-start their professional journey. Moreover, he established The Career Mastery Club, which allows its members to be in a community to share their achievements and progress about jobs in the market. 

His initiative has drastically changed the lives of many who are now equipped with the knowledge and an expert mentor. He is a staunch advocate of the notion that businesses run better when employees love their job. Due to increased productivity, businesses have higher chances to grow rapidly, given the high-quality workforce. 

It’s safe to say that if you bring Mr. Eric Torigian your most complex problems, he will surely break them down, build strategic change plans, and help with the implementation phase to spin your life for the better.

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