Sexologist Devi Ward Erickson Shares Her Experience of Tantra and Mindfulness Exercises for Vaginal Pain during Intercourse

When having intercourse, many women are prone to experiencing vaginal pain. Insufficient arousal along with hormonal imbalances, trauma, or unresolved emotions, may contribute to or cause this pain. Regardless of the cause, mindfulness practices and Tantra can be highly effective in addressing vaginal pain.

Devi Ward Erickson, ABS Board Certified Clinical Sexologist, expert tantric healer, the founder of The Institute of Authentic Tantra Education (IATE), shares her personal experience of using mindfulness exercises to address vaginal pain. When engaging in a Tantric experience with her husband, she underwent discomfort around her vaginal introitus during penetrative intercourse. Instead of ignoring or overriding the pain, she communicated with her partner about what she was experiencing and requested a pause.

Together, the couple brought their awareness to the point of union and used a specific breathing technique developed by Tantric Healer Carla Tara called “The Ocean Breath” to bring attention and energy to the area. After a few breaths, when the intensity of the constriction began to ease, her partner made small, gentle, soothing massage movements while they both continued to breathe. Soon, Devi felt a release and opening deep in her vagina, and her partner’s lingam could move freely without constriction. The opening also caused a flood of lubrication, allowing them to continue the fullness of their sexual union.

Devi emphasizes that instead of ignoring your body’s message or hoping the pain will disappear, it’s crucial to communicate and bring attention to the experience. Through breathing techniques, mindfulness, and compassion for oneself and one’s partner, one can create a safe space for both individuals. By pausing, relaxing, connecting, and breathing, you can pay close attention to what your body wants and begin the healing process.

This method can be used for any pain or constriction in the body, not just vaginal pain. Regardless of how long the healing process takes, it’s vital to maintain the connection with oneself and one’s partner during sexual union. For those struggling with vaginal pain, more information about the mechanisms of what’s happening in the body is available in a video.

As a leading voice in the sexual wellness industry, Devi is positively impacting the lives of many who need help related to vaginal pain or lack of pleasure during intercourse. If you’re going through a similar situation and want to learn more about it, follow Devi’s YouTube channel and visit her website.

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